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If it has to do with getting a hold of your health with a plant-based, whole-foods diet, or at least starting to head in that direction, I can help.

So let's start here (check in your mind all that apply): I'm here because I;

... realize, or maybe even have been told by my health care provider, that I need to lose weight to improve my health risk profile or

... have concerns about my blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol levels and maybe have even been told one or all of those things are getting high and that I need to do some lifestyle changes to combat it as a first measure, and have possibly heard that a plant-based diet is a key way to impact all of these issues or

... feel like I'm tired too much of the time and just don't feel like I'm as full of energy as I think I should be and want to change this or

... feel "okay" but am concerned about my long term health and want to give my body the best opportunity to be healthy and more energetic so I can pursue all that I enjoy and want to discover or

... am already into pursuing a plant-based diet but am struggling with knowing whether or not I'm getting enough nutrients and if my body is responding well to this new approach to my health.

Well then, good news, friend!  If one of the above, or a combination, or something similar is happening with you right now, you're in the right place.

Plantimize.com is a resource for introducing you, and guiding you, into and along the path of a whole-food, plant-based diet with the aim to improve your health and your vitality so you can more healthily and happily enjoy your life and pursue your dreams. 

At plantimize.com going and being plant-based is a journey as much as it is a practice, as the body of scientific findings is always informing the way forward.

So, as the practice and journey continue, plantimize.com is here to help you in making informed, and delicious : ) choices, so that your health can be more and more in grasp, leading not only to possibly greater quality of life in the immediate, but also possibly to greater longevity as well.

And all in support of your primary health care provider relationship.

Your plant-based health host and guide...

Dr. Robert Curtis (D.C., A.C.E. Certified Health Coach and Fitness Nutrition Specialist)

Robert is a graduate of Cleveland Chiropractic College having previously earned his bachelor’s degree in Life Sciences from the New York Institute of Technology. 

In his professional career he served over two decades as the staff chiropractor for a multi-specialty primary care medical group in Los Angeles, All Care Medical Group, of Verity Health Care, through early 2017.

Over the course of his position there he also served as a Qualified Medical Evaluator for the state of California leading to further study and credentialing as a Certified Medical Examiner for the U.S. Department of Transportation.

Seeing the impact diet and lifestyle had on patients' health, and his own health, and the transformative effect of going on a plant-based, whole-foods diet, he became more drawn to a mission of spreading the plant-based message.

Along the way he became a Certified Health Coach and Fitness Nutrition Specialist with the American Council on Exercise (A.C.E.), and is focusing on plant-based nutrition and well being related issues to help people transform their health and thus their lives.

Robert notes...

I love to listen and have the conversations that focus on what’s working now and or what worked before, and what the possibilities can be to further your health choices.

All of this by helping in the crafting of better habits for making changes sustainable in your daily life with an orientation towards a plant-based approach.

Also, no judgement here if you're a meat eater.  Every step in a plant-based direction has shown to be correlated to improved health, so my focus is to help you in going down that road, and in going all the way, if you wish – in conjunction with your primary health care provider's support.

Having worked in a multi-specialty medical practice for years in central Los Angeles I got to see the all too many manifestations of lifestyle interrelated illnesses in the forms of diabetes, kidney disease, high blood pressure, strokes and even cancer, along with numerous related neurological, muscle and joint issues that to a large, and possibly in many instances, a complete part, were likely preventable simply by eating in a much healthier way.

Looking at this closely for years and its accompanying needless suffering, and my then own declining health from the Standard American Diet (aptly noted as S.A.D.), motivated me more and more to study deeper and spread the word about lifestyle being the baseline counter to this as I began to benefit from the changes myself.

In particular with a whole-food, plant-based approach, as the science has shown it to be a prime starting point, adding in exercise and stress management, along with growing connection with our fellow beings.

Accordingly, I have pursued this whole-food, plant-based eating way myself, since 2012, having reaped tremendous gains in my health such as resolving an irritable bowel condition, frequent anxiety, high cholesterol and the then coming onset of diabetes, hypertension and even the related beginnings of erectile dysfunction.

As I continue on this journey it's my honor and privilege to be of service in helping you to go down this path, aiming to optimize your health.

Thanks for stopping by, anytime : )

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