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Are you struggling to go on, or stay on, a plant-based diet to improve your health so you can enjoy life more?

And or perhaps to eat cleaner and help the planet out in the process?

Whatever your reasons, it can seem daunting, but it doesn't have to be ...

If you know how, coupled with ongoing direction, education, and a strong system of support.  

It can also definitely be fun, satisfying, and quite delicious : )   

And eventually ... just so easy ... a way of life.

A whole-food, plant-based diet is associated with things like

... a much lower incidence of diabetes and overall cardiovascular disease. [1]

... improvements related cancer, such as prostate cancer in men [2] and breast cancer in women. [3]

... losing weight, and in a recent study, doing so by eating all that you want, no restriction. [4]

... mental health in the areas of improving mood and the ability to accomplish goals. [5]

... the healthiest and longest living people on the planet. [6]

... and in relation to Covid, cutting your risk of getting infected [7]

... and if you do contract it, reducing its severity by up to 73 percent [8]

And when it comes to some common concerns, you can

... easily get enough protein with this diet approach, as long as you eat enough calories. [9]

... enjoy delicious and almost infinitely varied types of foods so you never get bored, including things like mashed potatoes, corn, rice, beans, and sweet potato pie, as for the most part, all cultures' favorite primary and comfort foods revolve around starches – and with adding in other vegetables, fruits, and spices, choices become practically limitless. [10]

... happily save money as plant-based diets are found to cost considerably less, not to mention savings on lifestyle medicines, like for diabetes or high blood pressure, that you may be able to reduce or come off of completely (advisory; do not attempt medication changes without the approval and guidance of your primary prescribing health care professional). [11]

So, when it comes to pursuing a whole-food, plant-based diet ...

Are you ready to start adding more plants (fruits, vegetables, beans, seeds, and nuts) to your diet so you can optimize your opportunity for better health and vitality, with more vigor to indulge what makes you happy, and perhaps even live longer?

Whether you're just a little bit ready, or a lot, check out our developing menu of choices to start you down the road to a more, and perhaps eventually, fully, plant-based diet lifestyle ...

Or, to further fortify your already underway plant-based efforts.

whole-food, plant-based diet guide ...

Dr. Robert Curtis, resident health coach and nutrition specialist.

Hi, Robert here – again, welcome!

As the chief plant-baser at plantimize.com, I want you to know that I started this site to share my experience and ever refining knowledge (new science comes out all the time) about living and thriving on a plant-based diet. 

Also, I've got years of clinical know-how under my belt, having been a long practicing health care professional, that's culminated in being here on my health journey – to continue to share with you on your quest.  

Check out more about this site, you (yes you), and me, here – and feel free to call on me to help you transform your health and life for the better – as an added support to your primary health care relationship.

Enjoy plantimize.com as a resource all the way up to partnering with me to help guide you if that’s your desire.

So, please eat all you want here – there’s always at least food for thought on the table : )


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