10 Simple Health and Plant-Based Steps to a New You!

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10 Simple Health and Plant-Based Steps to a New You! Ebook

Got health issues or concerns?

Cutting calories and more exercise hasn't worked?  Paleo, Keto, or even vegetarian hasn't worked, or not enough?

Blood sugar rising?  Blood pressure rising?  Cholesterol rising?  Sore joints?  Heartburn?  Bowel troubles?  Overweight? 

Some, or all of that, or more? 

Not quite there yet but concerned you're on the way, and no matter, would like more energy and maybe even to lose a few pounds?

Wherever you might be on that road, let my free guide get you started onto...

  • Learning a plant-based path to health, that combined with key habits, can help lead to the vitality and joyful health you're after
  • Discovering how you can eat all you want on a plant-based, whole-foods diet and get to, and maintain, the weight you desire
  • Understanding why complex carbs are good for you, and as an added benefit, fill you up and leave you satisfied and sustained
  • Checking in on the latest buzz - good fats - to see why in whole-food form, like in an olive or an avocado, may be best, and the oil alone not so much
  • Relieving your protein worries, yeah, fuhgettaboutit, you'll see how you'll easily get enough
  • Relaxing into seeing how simple stress relief can be, exercise can start with just standing, and sleep can rejuvenate all
  • And seeing what ties it all together (Hint: it's not a special food or exercise strategy)
  • All scientifically referenced, with a "Key study highlight" tying in the science for each step
  • Plus MORE!

Sample Plant-Based Diet Ebook Page

Please note; the guide is a digital pdf file, not a hardbound or paperback book, though the pages are as depicted, in full color, and printable : )

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